Monday, 9 March 2015


I represented the Knowledge and Library Service at the Doctors induction hoping to hand out some leaflets and application forms. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of interest that was shown and spent the better portion of an hour answering questions about the services we provide and how the Doctors can better utilize us. I also submitted a piece about myself and my role to 23librariansengland and hope to see it featured in the near future.

I got the go ahead to start a trial on our pop-up library. The idea is to start one day a week at lunchtime and see what the feedback is like so that we can get the opportunity to straighten out any issues before moving on to the sites where they are desperately needed. The trial will begin in April and I am putting plans in place, first and foremost getting a space for the stand. The changes to NHS Evidence has also meant changes to all my training materials. I see it as a refresher course which will help me familiarize myself with the changes that have been made since I've been gone and those coming soon.

On the advice of a colleague and obtaining futher information from his blog and in the March 2015 issue of CILIP Update, I decided to embark on my 2015 Revalidation. I find it strangely painless compared to Chartership and I have already logged 6.5 hours of the required 20 hours thanks to attending the University Health and Medical Librarian Group 2015 Spring Forum and a tour of the Royal Society of Medicine Library. Getting recognition for professional development activities we do anyway and entry on the CILIP Public Register of Practitioners has got to be worth logging it and writing a 250 word statement. Best of all, it's free so why not?
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