Friday, 27 February 2015

Pop-Up Library

One of my targets this year is to set up a pop-up library that travels from site to site. We serve several sites but only have two physical libraries. I believe it is important for staff based where there is no Library to feel there is still a Library presence there. To this end, I reached out to other health librarians to find out if they have done anything similar and how they accomplished their goal. This brought up a lot of ideas as well as interest from others who would like to do the same. I complied a summary of responses for the mailing list (LIS-Medical) and also got a contact from someone who is interested in collaborating as we proceed.

The most important advice to me was to liaise with the telecommunications department of the Trust for publicity. Sending out constant reminders about when the pop-up library will be available and putting up posters.
  • Choose prime spots for visibility - there was a recurring theme of receptions and canteens. 
  • Put up a banner so that people know immediately who you are and what is going on as they go past. We already have our banner sorted.
  • Send out email alerts on the day to drum up business.
  • Bring as much of the service with you as possible -Library management system, registrations forms, guides, leaflets etc.
  • Supply promotional items if available e.g. pens.
  • Be prepared to give quick training sessions on the spot.
  • Don't be discouraged if it takes a while to take off.
I think one the advantages of the pop-up library will be gaining customer satisfaction from users knowing the service is physically available to them. It is a profile raiser and will hopefully serve to help busy readers who can't make it to the Library. Throw a couple of literature searches and IT glitches into the mix and you have the general idea of what my week has been like.
(c) Image Creative Commons - Aaron Landry

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