Monday, 29 June 2015

Local strategic plans

I have had the Knowledge for Healthcare framework on the brain since the first time I read it in March. I just can't seem to shake it off and I'm unsure if it is the root of my current headache, strategic plans within local NHS Libraries to meet the vision of the framework. It is with great relief that I attended the London Health Libraries Strategy Workshop facilitated by Sue Lacey Bryant and Richard Osborn who kindly shed some clarity to the information stored in my scrambled brain. One of the most useful things I gained was the need to align organizational aims and objectives as well as CQC recommendations with the strategic plans of the library based on the primary drivers of the framework.

Some more highlights included:
  • Rewording the themes of the framework  to reflect local principles.
  • Collaborating actively on national programmes that may be implemented locally.
  • Using the language of the organization's strategy (the purse strings) to talk futuristically.
  • Finding ways to contribute to the restructure and financial stability of the organization.
  • Finding ways to inform on decision-making in healthcare.
Am I sorted now? No. Am I where I was before the workshop? Definitely not. It was a very enlightning event which created the opportunity to discuss current issues with other NHS Librarians. It also contributed a lot to inform on my sponsored Study Tour which is starting to take shape.

Since my last post, I have been able to attend a Grand Round. It was great to see staff from different clinical departments discussing patient care. I was able to introduce myself to some people and assist with Athens registrations. I have been literature searching, training and representing the service at inductions. I went around the wards to introduce myself and promote the service. It turned out to be a useful exercise which I intend to continue. I am slowly plodding along with my revalidation which I hope to submit before the year runs out.