Friday, 24 April 2015

Continuing Professional Development

Image (c) Creative Commons - ed_needs_a_bicycle

I take CPD very seriously not just because I should but because I find it very valuable. I have been trained on the Trust website content management system so I am now able to make changes and update the Library web pages. I have also attended a Critical Appraisal course run by CLIST and although a lot of what was said was familiar, I gained some ideas that could improve my training methods. The session helped me realise that a one size fits all session will not work for Critical appraisal so I intend to design a basic, intermediate and advanced level session and use the level best suited to each users competency on the topic. I also liked a feature which involved asking what people thought about the paper before and after the appraisal to determine if the session changes views. Encouraging appraisers to communicate gaps in research to the authors of the paper was also raised as a way of improving future research.

I continue to train and conduct in-depth literature searches for clinicians. The pilot for the pop-up library is going well and I'll be able to summarise what I've learned after the last session next week.

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